Sunday, December 6, 2009

Portrait of Mother Jenny

Don Swenson, one of my students at the Petersen Art Center commissioned me to paint a portrait of his deceased, beloved mother, Jenny. The reference he supplied me with was great for clarity of features but not ideal for genuine flesh tone and other colors since it was from an older photograph which was yellowed and faded. My job was to invent more natural coloring so the portrait would be more true to life.

Don and his wife Louise helped me with information about the natural undertones/colors of Jenny's eyes, hair,and skin and also what colors of make-up and clothing she was wearing. This helped a lot in aiding me to more accurately portray Jenny.

Don's reaction was priceless! He was moved to tears and said he didn't even want to paint that night in class, but preferred to just sit and look at the painting of his sweet mother, Jenny.
He called his siblings on the phone to tell them of his excitement over the piece and also plans to get prints made for each of them.

Next, Don wants me to paint his father!
I'm thrilled that he is so pleased with the portrait. Please contact me at: for information on portrait commissions


  1. Nice work! I look forward to seeing the future posts.

  2. I'm Don's daughter, also named Jennie. These portraits are really amazing! Beautiful work! My dad absolutely adores them.